hi, i'm Lucas, and i love everything that shines - from constellations to christmas lights.

This is a blog about my obsessions, which includes Once Upon a Time, Kelly Clarkson, Darren Criss and Glee, mainly.



Once Upon a Time, the show where the Evil Queen and Snow White baking apple pie together.

  • Emma: What is this? Spanish?
  • Regina: Spanish? What the hell kind of Spanish did you learn in high school? This is Elvish.
  • Emma: Elvish? I may not know anything about Spanish but I know Elvish and this isn't it.
  • Regina: How the hell would you know?
  • Emma: Multiple marathon viewings of all 11+ hours of Lord Of The Rings extended edition, that's how.
  • Regina: Because *that's* reliable source material.
  • Emma: Said the Evil Queen to the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.
  • Regina: Point taken.