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Once Upon A Time - Season 3 Deleted Scenes (Part 1)

3.04 Nasty Habits - “Mr. Van Winkle”
3.05 Good Form - “A Helping Hook”
3.11 Going Home - “Father of the Bride”
3.13 Witch Hunt - “Thank You Note”

(Note: We’d appreciate it if you’d credited SBM please.)

i can’t believe they deleted the Regina one, it would have made such a difference on the episode. i mean, it would ruin our lives even more, but i don’t care, i needed that. the note one too.

Kris Allen's New Album: Gifting Campaign!



In case you haven’t heard yet, Kris Allen announced this week that his third album, Horizons, will be released on August 12th!!!

We’re so excited for new music! If you want just a little taste of what’s to come, listen to snippets of the album at Amazon.

We want to be sure that any fan, new or old, can get a copy of the album. To that end, we’ve launched a new website, Expanding Horizons, where fans who would like to receive a copy of his album can be matched with those who can offer an extra copy to a fellow fan. 

Please check out the site, offer or request a copy of the album, as your finances allow, and most importantly, SPREAD THE WORD! This drive only works if everyone who might want a copy of Kris’s new music hears about the gifting campaign.